Love make your heart move in lots of directions,
it makes your soul shine with stars sparkling
around you. Love is powerful never
deny yourself to feel.

Saying you’ll never fall in love
is like saying you’ll never smile,
no matter how hard you try,
someone will come along and
make you.



A girl doesn’t need to
tell you straight up
how she feels, it’s
written all over the way
she behaves when
you’re around.


If a girl is silent, it’s dangerous.
she either :
1. Over thinking
2. Tired of waiting
3 About to blow up
4. Need a hug
5. Falling apart
6. Crying inside
7. all of the above


Love is
when you look into someone’s eyes,
and see everything you need.



You know someone
means a lot to you
when their mood
can easily affect