There’s always gonna be that
one girl that’s prettier than
you. But you’ve just gotta find
that one guy that doesn’t care.

I may not be
the most beautiful
the sexiest
or the girl with
the perfect body,
but I don’t pretend to be
someone I’m not
I’m good at being me!
I might not be proud
of the things
I’ve done in my past
but I am proud of
who I am today



Morning greetings
doesn’t only mean
Good Morning,
it has a
Silent message saying :
I remember You
when I wake up
Have A nice Day


All a girl really wants is for one to
prove to her that they are not all the same
~ Marilyn Monroe


Every Life in this world
has been painted by
God’s own hands,
that’s why I am
thankful to God.
because when he
included a lovely
color that is YOU.