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Giving second
chances is okay
but giving third
chances is stupid.


Everything in life is
temporary. So if things
are going good, enjoy it
because it won’t last
forever. And if things are
going bad, don’t worry. It
can’t last forever either.


The seeds of
kindness that
you plant
will one day
bloom in the
hearts of all
that you touch


Go for someone who is not only proud
to have you. But will also risk
anything just to keep you.


Happiness starts with you.
not with your relationship.
or your friends
or your job.
But with you.

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A relationship is not based on the length of time
you have to spent together, it’s based on the foundation
you’ve built together.








You’re there but not really. You’re mine but not really.
I never really had you, so I never Lost you.
I have you, you have me but then again, not really.


I said I’m over you, but every time my phone vibrates, my heart still wishes it’s a text from you.







Things change
but some
feelings stay
the same.

relationship-love-quotes5In the end
we only regret the chances we didn’t take,
the relationship we were afraid to have
and the decisions we waited too long to make.

Love Spells



I know it hurt you
It hurt me too
but now that you are gone.
All I know is I miss you.

love-spells1Piglet: “How do you spell Love ?”
Pooh : “You don’t spell it, you feel it.”







The reason I don’t talk to you
is not cause you’re with someone else it’s cause I can’t stand
seeing you with someone else.


love-spells3Boys, If you ask a girl who she
likes and she says
“oh nobody”
1% are telling the truth,
5% are Lying
94% are saying nobody because
the somebody is you.

love-spells4You never have to prove
your own worth
for you are already
complete within
as the beloved child
of the divine. Be happy



Best Funny love Quotes

No body is stupid
it’s just that sometimes,
we choose to be stupid
for us to feel a little bit
of what they call


I want to share everything with you
Let’s start from your bank account


You Will Love me!
Roses are red
Bullets are lead
take me back now,
or get shot in the head!

Me and You is Friends
You Smile, I smile
Your hurt, I hurt
You cry I cry
You jump off a bridge
I’m gonna miss you.

Chuck : Say, You love me.
Blair : What ?
Chuck : Three words, eight letters & I’m all yours.

Best Love Quotes

Some of The Best Love Quotes

If you’re too busy to call me, I’ll understand
If you don’t hace time to check on me, I’ll understand
If you’re late on out date, I’ll understand
but if I stop loving you, It’s your turn to understand.

Best Love Quotes

When I give you my time, I’m giving you a portion of my life that I will never get back
so don’t waste it.Best-Love-Quotes1

Best-Love-Quotes2When I’m older and my daughter asks who my first love was, I don’t want to have to pull out the old photo album. I want to be able to point out across the room and say — ” He’s sitting right over there.”

Best-Love-Quotes3The best date is to be with someone who can take you anywhere without touching
anything but only your heart.


Sometimes your mind doesn’t want you to be in love, but deep down, you know

you are.

Quotes About Love and Marriage


Never get
tired of doing
little things
for others
those little
things occupy
the biggest
part of
their hearts

you need,
will come to you
at the
perfect time…


quotes-about-love-and-marriage3The best gift you
could ever give
someone is your
because you’re
giving them
something that
your’ll never get back


Missing someone is
your heart’s way of
reminding you that
you love them

quotes-about-love-and-marriage5I dont know why we try to
move on, we both know
were just gonna end up
together again.

Single Life Quotes


I’m single not because
I don’t pray for love
I’m single because
I don’t play with love

I’m single because I have not
found a guy who deserves me.




If you want to be happy learn
to be alone without being lonely.
Learn that being alone does
not mean being unhappy.
The world is full of plenty of
interesting and enjoyable things to do.

Being single is cool. No worrying about anyone, no obligations and best of all, no heartaches. But you know what? If you will never get your heart broken, you will never learn to love

Sometimes, its ok to be single and just go and hang out with people. Yet, it sometimes stinks when you have no one to be with to talk to at night, hold hands, and be happy. You just have to have patience, and wait to see what happens.

I’m not single. I’m not taken. I’m simply reserved, for the one who fits the word deserving.

If you don’t like me, someone else will. If you’re not missing me, someone else is. If you don’t love me, someone else does.

Once they see you doing better without them, that’s when they want you.

Single doesn’t mean you don’t know anything about love, it just means you know enough to wait for it.

Someone said to me “you’re too pretty to be single” I said “no, I’m too pretty to be lied to, cheated on, and played with.”

“Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free till they find someone just as wild to run with them.”

Life is already short enough don’t try to rush through it, because you just might pass something that was worth stopping for.

I am single..not alone … there is a big difference

I’m don’t know what the future might bring, but at least I reclaimed my life, and I will love myself and just be happy.

Being single doesn’t
necessarily mean you’re
available. Sometimes you
have to put up a sign that
says, do not disturb on your
~ Wiz Khalifa


Photobucket Loving Life Quotes

No One falls in love by choice, it’s by chance.
No one stay in love by chance, it’s by work.
and No one falls out of love by chance, it’s by choice


When a girl is in love, you can see it in her smile.
When a guy is in love, you can see it in his eyes.

Loving life quotes1















“Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave”
~ Martin Luther
Loving life quotes









Love isn’t when you can name a million things you love about the person.
Love is when you can’t even fidn words to describe how you feel about them.










Being someone’s first love may be great, but to be their last is beyond perfect.

Best Friends Forever Quotes

the glory of friendship is not
the outstretched hand, nor the
kindy smile, nor the joy of
companionship, it’s the spiritual
inspiration, that comes to you
when you discover that someone
else, believes in you and willing
to trust you
with a friendship



It’s not about finding someone
who won’t fight with you
or make you sad, or mad.
It’s about finding the person who
will still be standing there
wiping the tears away,
holding you in the arms after a fight
and the one who will never leave,
no matter how hard things can get.

best-friends-forever-quotes2Life is short
they say it takes a minute
to fidn a special person
an hour to appreciate them
a day to love them,
but then an entire life
to forget them.
send this phrase to the people
you’ll never forget
its a short message
to let them know
that you’ll never forget them.

best-friends-forever-quotes2Let’s be hasty
and let’s be reckless
just being with you
leaves me breathless

best-friends-forever-quotes3I am not your lover
I am just the map
you use to find her