Cute Quotes

cute-quotesReal men dont love
the most beautiful girl
in the world
they love the girl
who can make their world
the most beautiful

cute-quotes1Some joys are better
expressed in silence
as a smile holds
more meaning than
words. I was asked
if I enjoy having you
in my life…
I just smiled?







We need old friends to help us
grow old and new friends to
help us stay young.



cute-quotes2Sometimes I think
a soulmate is someone
who will make you be the most
“you” that you can possibly

cute-quotes3My heart is perfect because you are inside

Good Quotes About Life and Love


Starting all over again
is not that bad…
.. because when you restart, you get
another chance to make things right.

Every father should
remember that one day
his son will follow his
instead of his
advice !



A Strong person
the one who know
how to be quiet
shed a tear for
moment, and
then picks up
their gloves
and fights again

Everything in life is
temporary. So if things
are going good, enjoy it
because it won’t last
forever. And if things are
going bad, don’t worry. It
can’t last forever either.

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God Love Quotes

You were born because
you are going to be important
to someone



god-love-quotes2Pray not because
you need something
but because you have
a lot to thank God for.



are just God’s way of saying
“I’ve got something better”
Be patient.. Live Life..
Have Faith..

Dear God,
I wanna take a
minute, not to ask
for anything from
you, but simply to
say thank you,
for all I have.


Positive Love Quotes

You can’t make them love you…
but you can show them
what they’re
missing out on !!!




Don’t trust too much.
don’t hope too much.
and don’t love too much.
Because that too much
can hurt you
so much



Sending a girl a text that says
“Good morning beautiful”
can change her attitude
for the whole day.

If someone throws stone towards you, throw love towards them, but if someone throws love towards you, then stop for a while and think because love hurts you more than.

Don’t start you day with the broken pieces of yesterday




Never reply when
you are angry.
Never make a promise
when you are happy.
never make a decision
when you are sad.

Friendship Love


We met by chance and
turned into friends
and now our destiny
keeps us close to each
other making our
friendship grow more
with the passing time
you are a friend for


A friend is someone you
can be alone with and have nothing
to do and not be able to think of anything to say
and be comfortable
in the silence
~ Sheryl Condie


I always
thought loving
someone is the
feeling, but I
realized that
loving a friend
is even better.
We lose people
we love, but we
never lose true

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Love Quotes and Sayings For Him

A Girl can be your
Best Friend,
Worst Enemy,
A real sweetheart,
or a real Bitch.
it all depends on how you
threat her.


does not mean
that the
person is
but it
means that
person has a


love-quotes-and-sayings-for-him3Love is like
playing the piano
first you must learn
to play by the rules
then you must
forget the rules
and play
from your heart..

Love Quotes for Weddings

all my life I have read
about it. dreamt of it,
waited for it, cried for it,
needed it, now with you,
I have found it.

love-quotes-for-weddings2From Twilight Wedding :

Isabella Marie Swan
Edward Anthony Masen Cullen

Together with their families
request the honor of your presence
at the celebration of their marriage









Looking into your eyes
I can see beauty
looking into your soul
I can see passion
Looking into your mind
I can see intelligence
looking into your heart
I can see the world

love-quotes-for-weddings4Life is ever changing, but I will always
find a constant and comfort in your love.
with your heart my soul is bound and as
we dance I know that heaven will be found

You know it’s love when all you want it that person to be happy;
even if you’re not part of their happiness.


Famous Short Quotes


does not always mean

I may not be
perfect but
at least I’m
not fake.



sometimes the best thing
you can do is not think.
not wonder. not Imagine.
not obsess. Just breathe.
and have faith that
everything will word out
for the best.

Life is like a camera,
just focus on what’s
important and capture
the good times,
develop from the
negatives and if things
don’t work out, just
take another shot.

Never explain yourself
to anyone. Because the
person who like you
doesn’t need it, and the
person who dislikes you
wont believe it…