Bible Quotes About Love

Sometimes you are
delayed where you
are because God knows
there’s a storm where
you’re headed.
Be grateful










Bible Quotes About Love

While you wake up today,
someone is taking their
last breath. Thank God
for another day.
Don’t waste it.

bible-quotes-about-love3God always has
something for
you, a key for
every problem, a
light for every
shadow, a relief
for every sorrow
and a plan for
every tomorrow

bible-quotes-about-love4God grant me the
to accept the things I cannot change
to change the things I can and
to know the difference.

bible-quotes-about-love5   bible-quotes-about-love6

Prayer its Highest is a two way
conversation and for me,
the most important part
is listening to gods replies!

God planted a
seed of faith in
our hearts, so all
we had to do is
water it with
prayers, fertilize it
with words of God
and cultivate it
with lots of love