Some of The Best Love Quotes

If you’re too busy to call me, I’ll understand
If you don’t hace time to check on me, I’ll understand
If you’re late on out date, I’ll understand
but if I stop loving you, It’s your turn to understand.

Best Love Quotes

When I give you my time, I’m giving you a portion of my life that I will never get back
so don’t waste it.Best-Love-Quotes1

Best-Love-Quotes2When I’m older and my daughter asks who my first love was, I don’t want to have to pull out the old photo album. I want to be able to point out across the room and say — ” He’s sitting right over there.”

Best-Love-Quotes3The best date is to be with someone who can take you anywhere without touching
anything but only your heart.


Sometimes your mind doesn’t want you to be in love, but deep down, you know

you are.